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Node.js bringing up the Next-Gen CMS solutions

Node.js bringing up the Next-Gen CMS solutions

CMS play a big role in web application development as it ensures that updating or modifying the content is easy and takes less time. On fulfilling the needs of CMS, WordPress and Drupal has been very successful in the early 2000’s when PHP had started to rule the Web Development Industry by its outstanding features and it comes as no surprise that both the CMS solutions were developed using PHP.

In the last few years the JavaScript on the server-side emerged stronger resulting in different CMS solutions built on Node.js due to its lightening speed.

 Being such a powerful JavaScript platform, Node.js allows you to build super fast and fully scalable network applications which is capable of handling a large number of connections simultaneously at a high throughput. 

So, let me list you the top finest Node.js CMS frameworks which serve as handy options for building websites and web apps that need to include a lot of content.



Ghost is one of the most powerful publishing platforms with all the freedom to modify or distribute since it is an open source software project. It allows you to create a remarkable online publication suiting the various needs of your brand product. Moreover the Ghost Open Marketplace provides a huge directory of themes, apps and other resources which would be very convenient for the developers in completely customizing the application.


Being called the fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js, Exrpress.js comes with a lot of features available as plugins. It allows you to build single-page, multi-page and hybrid web applications with a greater flexibility. Express.js serves at the backend of the MEAN stack along with MongoDB database and AngularJS framework.


  • Light weight web application MVC framework
  • Built over NodeJS
  • Easy Routing
  • HTTP utility methods and Connect middleware
  • Inspired by Sinatra (Ruby)
  • Provides high-level API access to Node

Basic Architecture of Express.js



KeystoneJS is one of the most popular CMS built on Express and MongoDB which also an open source framework which provides users  to easily develop database-driven websites, applications and APIs in Node.js.



Starting up with KeystoneJS is very simple by just configuring the single data-model where the admin interface is automatically generated. Performing the CRUD operation (create, read, update, delete) is quite easy and convenient with the customizable Admin interface based on your Models.

It has been already recognized and applauded by the top organizations such as Continental, Sony etc. KeystoneJS is the second most popular and highly recommended CMS that have been built on Node.js.


So when you want build some content-rich website which is fully responsive and 100% scalable, then PencilBlue is what you are looking for. Its salient features makes it one of the most amazing Node.js frameworks. It has got the best documentation which is just flawless a highlight among beginners as well as professional developers.



And next comes Apostrophe in the list.While Keystone allows you to create database-driven websites, Apostrophe is built to create to Design -driven websites. It provides a rich user interface which makes adding content, building new pages and a lot more, extremely easy to beginners ad well as the developers.


The special features to be highlighted are the Nunjucks templating engine to add custom logic to an application and the ImageMagick  which optimizes all the images that have been added to the project as well as while viewing. Apostrophe automatically scales the images to the area it takes up on the page. In addition to this, it offers special tools for better SEO optimization.




Yet an another impressive open-source platform which helps in producing beautiful and fully responsive website application is undoubtedly Hatch.js. Hatch.js is built on Node.js and Redis and uses the Twitter Bootstrap framework which is very familiar in creating responsive websites. The best part about Hatch.js is that it brings publishing, content management and social networking functionalities all together into a pliable widget-based web development framework. Nevertheless to be mentioned, Hatch.js has got the strong editing tools and does be the best in the lot when you need to build content-driven websites and applications.


So you have got the knowledge to choose the right CMS platform which would suit the project you are developing. It is high time to bring down the best NodeJs frameworks that will be very efficient in developing web applications which would greatly impress you as well as your clients in the business.


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